Towing & Recovery Management Summit
Conflict Policy

One of the features of the Summit that makes it of such value to the attendees is the unselfish sharing of proprietary information by some of the industry presenters. They provide “inside” information about their business practices, including financial planning and marketing tips. In order to encourage towing industry presenters to share their proprietary information at the Summit, we assure them that their sessions will not be attended by any of their local competitors. We do that by matching zip codes of all registered attendees to the zip codes of the presenters.

We understand that this restriction may be disturbing; however, as explained above, this policy also allows you to obtain valuable proprietary information from other industry speakers who are not potential competitors.

You will be notified if your zip code conflicts with that of a towing company owner-presenter. If that occurs, we understand that this restriction may alter your decision about attending the 2022 Summit. If so, please notify us. We will cancel your registration and refund your entire registration fee.

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