The Intersection of Towing and Business

Towing and Recovery Management Summit


Capital Hilton,
Washington, D.C.

July 31 - August 2, 2019


Countdown to the 2019 Towing & Recovery Manangement Summit








Exhibit Contact
Brenda Faulman:
Attendee Contact:
Christine Weaver,
Towing and Recovery Management Summit

Capital Hilton,
Washington, D.C.

July 31 - August 2, 2019

Exhibit Contact
Brenda Faulman:
Attendee Contact 
Christine Weaver:

You’ve Heard the Buzz. Now What is the Summit About?

We know it’s hard to be away from your business – even as connected technologically as you are. We realize the Summit has to justify your time away. Below are some of the reasons we think it’s worth your time and investment:
  1. Real-World Examples: Hear ideas that you can take home and implement – whether it makes your employees more productive, your company more profitable or your life just more enjoyable.
  2. Intrigue: As a towing company owner or manager, you have a handle on all that is towing. But as a small business owner or manager, can you say the same? What lies around the corner for small businesses?
  3. Networking: Every industry has “rock stars,” the owners you’d like to meet, share ideas with and just soak up the lessons they can teach. Towing industry rock stars appear daily during the Summit.
Check back regularly for speaker and topic announcements.


What makes people great?

One of our country’s most acclaimed leaders, Benjamin Franklin, invested roughly an hour a day in deliberate learning. For Franklin, his learning time consisted of waking up early to read and write. He established personal goals and tracked his results. In the spirit of today’s book clubs, he created a club for “like-minded aspiring artisans and tradesmen who hoped to improve themselves while they improved their community.”

Hats off to Tow Summit attendees for their spirit of learning and goal of bettering themselves as businessmen and women. Ben Franklin would be proud.

The Capital Hilton hotel is located near many attractions and points of interest. Follow the link below to explore and plan your trip!:

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Thank you to our partner associations and to our 2018 sponsors.

Arizona Professional Towing & Recovery Association
Association of Professional Towers (OH)
California Tow Truck Association
Garden State Towing Association (NJ)
Idaho State Towing Association
Statewide Towing Association (MA)
Sunshine State Towing Association (FL)
Tennessee Tow Truck Association
Texas Towing & Storage Association
Towing & Recovery Association of America
Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia
Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio
Towing & Recovery Professionals of Colorado

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Summit Testimonials

Protect Your Company Assets
by Bob Waldron

Very helpful with information about protecting your company and the importance of setting it up properly.”

Bob is a great presenter with information about germane topics.

OSHA – Are You Ready
by Bill Giorgis

Very informative and overwhelming wake up call.”

Wow a speaker who has actually experienced a full -blown OSHA audit and knows what they will look for!

Engaged Employees are Productive Employees
by Julie Couret

Great insight on the best way to approach problems and how to work towards eliminating the problems.

She discussed how to talk to employees and how to change the direction of the conversation with the employees.

This is the only official site by which attendees can book their Summit hotel rooms.  Do not go through any other housing service, it is a scam.  Exhibitor reservations are booked through Brenda Faulman:

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