October 19-21 | Captiva Island, Fl
South Seas Island Resort

 The Tow Summit has one singular goal: to help you better manage your company, so your company isn’t managing you.

The towing and recovery industry continues to undergo rapid changes. Keeping your eye on the road has a much broader meaning than sitting behind a steering wheel. Moving forward, your company will face issues that have nothing to do with towing and recovery equipment.

Don’t face these issues alone. Be better prepared with the information and tools you’ll take home from the Tow Summit. And broaden your industry relationships, so you’ll have more resources in the event you need them.



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What people have to say about us

Employees: Recruit, Retain, Maintain

“Love the handout and thanks to the Tow Summit for the books. Can’t wait to read them.”

“Very real presentation.” 

“I think they are a dynamic duo!” 

“Excellent hand outs and books are fantastic!! Will order more for sure. Could have interacted more with the audience.”

“Such a very positive and informative session. I truly hope most everyone in attendance takes the qualities learned back to their businesses.”

by Mack & Ria Story

Employees: Recruit, Retain, Maintain

Taking Dispatch to the Next Level

“Please make his sessions longer so Mike can cover everything and we can internalize.” 

“Mike, keep up the good work and outstanding effort.”

“Please bring him back to address manager training.”

“Loved the interaction with others.”

“Awesome info all around. Great interaction. High energy. Two hours felt like 20 minutes.”

by Mike Porter

Taking Dispatch to the Next Level

What Does Your Profit And Loss Statement Say?

“Leaned how to break down the numbers.”

“Excellent presentation to explain financial reports to non-financial people. Great job.”

“Good overall view of cost and operations.”

“He really made all of his topics and ideas plain and easy to understand.”

“More like this! A week long with Bert please.”

by Bert King

What Does Your Profit And Loss Statement Say?

Stop Guessing About Your Income

“This is a tower who knew his facts.”


“I didn’t know these theories. Very helpful.”

“Excellent information. Excel spreadsheet available to all.”

by Doug Nelson

Stop Guessing About Your Income

Work Life Balance

“The work-life balance insight was much needed. My spouse and I work in the same business together as owners.”

“Very different seminar than most Summit sessions. Well needed. Excellent.”

“A tower talking about something we all deal with and he knows!”

by Vito Strolis

Work Life Balance

Face to Face with OOIDA

“Interesting to hear OOIDA’s long-term goals and perspectives.”

“Needed more time for discussion.” 

“Host these sessions earlier in the Summit for the people who had to leave.”

“More events like this.”

by Mike McGovern and Mike Matousek (OOIDA)

Face to Face with OOIDA

2022 Tow Summit Sessions

Summit attendees are invited to join us for the following sessions and more.

Overview of Federal Wage and Hour Regulations

An audit by the U.S. Department of Labor can be devastating.  Towing companies are increasingly becoming targets of investigation. Towing industry attorney Michael McGovern, of The McGovern Law Firm, will review the DOL rules regarding minimum wage, on-call employees, commission pay, drivers as independent contractors, and important exceptions, and share tips on how to respond to an audit. 

Speaker: Michael McGovern, The McGovern Law Firm

The Impact of Inflation on Your Business

Some economists are predicting inflation will last into 2023. What could the impact of an extended inflationary period be on your towing company?

Speaker: Tom Tedford, Guardian Fleet Services

Thank you to our 2019 Summit sponsors who help make this innovative event possible.

This is the only official site by which attendees can book their Summit hotel rooms. Do not go through any other housing service, it is a scam. Exhibitor reservations are booked through Brenda Faulman: brenda@towtimesmag.com.

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