2021 Tow Summit Session Topics

As of July 21, 2021 – Subject to Change

Q & A :

OOIDA Two Years Later

Michael McGovern revisits his conversation with Mike Matousek of OOIDA to discuss where OOIDA is today and their updated views on towing-related legislation.

Speakers: Michael McGovern, Mike Matousek of OOIDA

Sessions :

The Profit in Fleet Networking

Brad McIntosh (Sandy’s Towing, Dayton, Ohio) shares the company’s recent growth strategy focused on working with delivery fleets such as those owned by fleet companies contracted with Amazon.

Speaker: Brad McIntosh, Sandy’s Towing


With forces such as driver shortage, hard insurance market and growing demand for better employee benefits, could your bottom line be stronger with fewer trucks?

Speaker: Bert King, Towing Industry Consultant

Recruiting Employees from Veterans

Is your company a veteran-ready organization? What does that mean, how do you make it happen and how can it benefit your company?

Speaker: TBA

The Changing World of Employee Retention

Is sharing equity in your company with key employees a means of retaining top talent? Several options exist outside of an Employee Stock Option Plan. 

Speaker: Steve Ridgley, Pathfinder USA

How to be a BAD BOSS

Are you having an employee retention problem? Is your management style a contributing factor? Well known industry speaker Mike Porter (co-founder of TDR Way, an industry-specific management consulting company) discusses how you and your lead management could be contributing to turnover.

Speaker: Mike Porter, TDR Way

The Real Cost Per Call Analysis

Most owners struggle with the age-old question: how much is each call really costing your company? Learn a few tricks to help you step back and get a much better understanding of your business costs.

Speaker: Bert King, Towing Industry Consultant

Business Valuation 101

Looking to buy or sell?  Any idea what a towing company is worth on the market – including your company? What is involved in valuing a company when you are interested in purchasing? Learn from the pros.

Speaker: Geoff Russell, Guardian Fleet Services and Steve Ridgley, Pathfinder USA


Preservation of Evidence

Moderator: Michael McGovern
Panelists: Hear from towing companies that specialize in evidence preservation – the investments they’ve made and the financial rewards, if any, of their specialization.

Financial Impact of Cyber Security

Moderator: Rudy Smith
Panelists: Cyber security is not just for Wall Street. What data does your towing company store that could create liability for you if it was compromised? And do your current insurance policies provide coverages? Panelists include a software company representative, security expert and insurance expert.

Towing in the Year 2030

Moderator: Lauren Colon, Tow Times Production Manager and Millennial with an Eye on the Future
What will the post-baby boomer generations face as they lead their towing and recovery companies into the next generations of telematics, employee pools, etc. Hear from four successful millennials in top management positions at several towing companies. Presented for millennials and younger.

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