2020 Virtual Session Topics

Day One - FREE Opening Panel Discussion

TOPIC: How has the pandemic changed your business management?

Moderated by Bill Giorgis

Most small businesses were impacted by the recent pandemic. What did this dramatic and sudden drop in business teach towing company owners? Hear thoughts from some of the industry’s most well-known and respected owners.

Day Two - Live Virtual Summit

SEssion 1: back to basics

What will it take to be profitable going forward? Towing company owners are asking themselves that question. Has the pandemic provided an opportunity to evaluate all aspects of your business?

SEssion 2: a cashless society?

What forms of payment will reign in just a few short years? Many economists believe it will not be cash. Is your towing company prepared for payment methods quickly gaining ground?

Day Three - Live Virtual Summit

Session 3: cyber security and towing

A cyberattack can spell disaster for a towing company. The average preventable attack costs a business in excess of $35,000 and months of recovery time — but there are ways to protect against these online menaces.

Session 4: disaster planning – it’s not just mother nature

Disaster planning is now a must for towing company management. What you should have in place to best handle any type of disaster, including financial decisions, staffing, document storage and accessibility and more.


Preservation of Evidence

Moderator: Michael McGovern
Panelists: Hear from towing companies that specialize in evidence preservation – the investments they’ve made and the financial rewards, if any, of their specialization.

Financial Impact of Cyber Security

Moderator: Rudy Smith
Panelists: Cyber security is not just for Wall Street. What data does your towing company store that could create liability for you if it was compromised? And do your current insurance policies provide coverages? Panelists include a software company representative, security expert and insurance expert.

Towing in the Year 2030

Moderator: Lauren Colon, Tow Times Production Manager and Millennial with an Eye on the Future
What will the post-baby boomer generations face as they lead their towing and recovery companies into the next generations of telematics, employee pools, etc. Hear from four successful millennials in top management positions at several towing companies. Presented for millennials and younger.

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