2022 Tow Summit Session Topics

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Sessions :

OPENING SEssion: Overview of Federal Wage and Hour Regulations

An audit by the U.S. Department of Labor can be devastating. Towing companies are increasingly becoming targets of investigation. Towing industry attorney Michael McGovern, of The McGovern Law Firm, will review the DOL rules regarding minimum wage, on-call employees, commission pay, drivers as independent contractors, and important exceptions, and share tips on how to respond to an audit.

Speaker: Michael McGovern, The McGovern Law Firm

The Impact of Inflation on Your Business

Some economists are predicting inflation will last into 2023. What could the impact of an extended inflationary period be on your towing company?

Speaker: Tom Tedford, Guardian Fleet Services

How To Get Paid by Insurance Companies

Tired of battling insurance companies over heavy-duty invoices? Learn tips on invoicing and collecting from an experienced law firm representative.

Speaker: TBA

How To Be a BAD BOSS

Are you having an employee retention problem? Is your management style a contributing factor? Well-known industry speaker Mike Porter (co-founder of TDR Way, an industry-specific management consulting company) discusses how you and your lead management may be contributing to turnover.

Speaker: Mike Porter, TDR Way

Is Your Company Ready for an Employee Trainer?

Employee turnover is at an all-time high and the driver pool is often shallow. Federal laws are requiring more training for certain drivers. Has the time come for your towing company to have a trainer position? What do you look for in a trainer? And how can training help with employee retention?

Learn more from ERSCA trainer Shane Coleman, who has worked in a family-owned towing company, providing insight into drivers.

Speaker: Shane Coleman, ERSCA

Round Table: Future Business Development

Led by Brad McIntosh, this open-forum discussion will talk about how to find new business opportunities, including where to network.

Speaker: Brad McIntosh, Sandy’s Towing

Associations Can Thrive, Not Just Survive

State towing associations can help drive the towing and recovery industry in their state. But to do so, they must be organized, have an action plan and be well funded. Learn how the Sunshine State Towing Association has successfully accomplished these fundamental goals and how members have benefitted.

Speaker: SSTA Leadership

PANEL: Expanding Role of Women in Towing

Whether they are managing the office, dispatching trucks or are out in the field working, women are an important part of the towing and roadside industry. How do you best recruit women? Find out from a panel of women company owners and managers.

Speaker: Panel of industry-leading women

Better Employee Benefits Means a Better Bottom Line

Companies that provide better employee benefits have a better bottom line. Find out what benefits offer the best return on employee retention and profitability.

Speaker: Pat Derbak, D.I.G. Benefits

PANEL: Ins and Outs of Captive Insurance

Commercial insurance companies are struggling to create the risk management products many businesses need at a price they can afford. What is a captive insurance program? Learn more about this alternative to traditional insurance – the risks and potential rewards.

Speaker: Bill Giorgis, Jeff Packard and Todd Welch

Let’s Talk Numbers (Two Parts)

Bring your financial statements and follow along as industry CFO consultant Bert King takes you through the how’s and why’s of understanding your financial statements, cash flow and more. This is a two-part session.

Speaker: Bert King, King’s Consulting

Manually Speaking

It’s a litigious world we live in and protecting your company any way possible is important. This session will address employee manuals specific to towing companies: what you should and should not have in writing, and how employee manuals can protect — and harm — your company. Please bring along your employee manual so you can take notes and ask specific questions.

Speaker: Nick Porto, The Porto Law Firm

Building Value in Your Towing Company

Most owners spend a lot of time building their team, fleet and customer base without understanding how much VALUE they are building until they near retirement. By then, it may be too late to make the right adjustments. Often a towing company’s value is not much more than the current value of their trucks. Learn the methods that buyers use to determine the price they will offer for a towing company so that you can make adjustments that will increase the value of your business. These methods are universal throughout the business world, and are also recognized by banks and CPAs.

Speaker: George Metos, GM Consultants

Benefiting From a Group of 20

As bestselling author Daniel Pink says, “Harness the power of your peers.” There’s no better teacher, motivator, realist and sounding board than a towing company of similar size, goals and leadership thinking. Find out how your company can benefit by forming or joining a Group of 20.

Speaker: Mike Porter, TDR Way


Preservation of Evidence

Moderator: Michael McGovern
Panelists: Hear from towing companies that specialize in evidence preservation – the investments they’ve made and the financial rewards, if any, of their specialization.

Financial Impact of Cyber Security

Moderator: Rudy Smith
Panelists: Cyber security is not just for Wall Street. What data does your towing company store that could create liability for you if it was compromised? And do your current insurance policies provide coverages? Panelists include a software company representative, security expert and insurance expert.

Towing in the Year 2030

Moderator: Lauren Colon, Tow Times Production Manager and Millennial with an Eye on the Future
What will the post-baby boomer generations face as they lead their towing and recovery companies into the next generations of telematics, employee pools, etc. Hear from four successful millennials in top management positions at several towing companies. Presented for millennials and younger.

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