Time Left Before The Summit

Hire Multiple Consultants for One Inclusive Price

Tired of getting paid less than you deserve? Curious how to position your towing company for sale? Worried about being audited by the DOT?

How much value would 9 personal business consultants add to your bottom line?
For one all-inclusive price, each primary attendee receives access to 9 leading small business consultants and professionals, hotel room for three nights at the Marriott New Orleans, breakfast, lunch and snacks for two days, opening ceremony with State-of-the-Industry Address, entrance to seminars and exhibits and a closing evening event. Special rates apply for secondary attendees sharing the same hotel room.

Questions? Call or email Shauna Clark, shauna@towtimesmag.com, 407.327.4817

Bonus Seminar
Arrive early on Tuesday July 22 to hear well-known industry attorney Michael McGovern speak about Grassroots Lobbying, citing a recent success by the Tennessee Tow Truck Association. What a great opportunity to help your state’s towing industry be more successful at their lobbying efforts.

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